Best Remedy for Car Sickness

Here we have mentioned the best remedy for car sickness that works for you. By applying this steps you can do treatment of motion sickness in car.

best remedy for car sickness

 Another topic from our blog Motion Sickness Treatment is based on car sickness. Although car sickness also falls on the motion sickness category we have made a separate tutorial on this topic. Here we are going to discuss all the best remedy for car sickness or treatment for travel sickness.

Although many people have a car In their family they are not happy to see because they are not able to travel happily in their car. The main reason behind this is also a sickness. Many people ask me for the car's nausea remedies. Therefore, I had made this separate tutorial for motion sickness in-car remedies.

If you are a patient then you can’t only feel this sickness by bus but also in the car, airplane, and almost all the big-sized vehicles except two-wheelers like mike, cycle, etc.

Best Remedy for Car Sickness

Now coming to the point where we are going to detailing out all the steps and remedies to be followed to cure the car nausea. The treatment of motion sickness in the car is not so hard but you have to apply it correctly.

Here, we are going to explain the two situational based methods to cure the motion sickness in the car. The first step is based on your home or before traveling on the car and the next step is based while traveling on the car.

Before going for the steps let’s find out what is Car sickness, symptoms of car sickness, and then it’s preventive measures.

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What is Car Sickness

Car sickness is a kind of motion sickness that you fell at the time of traveling in the car. It is the act of feeling yourself ill or sick at the moment of sitting or inside the moving / running car.

This is one of the minor problems for every man who is not habituated in traveling inside the car before. Habit is the main reason behind any reason. So, due to the lack of habit of traveling many people face these problems.

Every people who are the patient of motion sickness gets ill automatically after a few minutes of traveling. Automatically our head uses to spin, the mind gives the nonsense signal to our brain, our body loses control and it results to make us sick.

Symptoms of Car Sickness

Mainly the car sickness patient has to face the following symptoms.

  • Spinning head, blurring of the vision, and feeling slippy.
  • The mind and head get warm and fail to work properly.
  • The symptoms as like headaches.
  • The body can’t get control, body parts like legs, hands get shaky.
  • Vomiting and nausea.

Treatment of Motion Sickness in Car

The treatment for travel sickness can be highlited in two steps here. You have to follow out on the two major steps before and while traveling on the car.

1.    Before Travelling

The motion sickness in-car remedies before traveling are discussed in this step. So, at home, you can apply some steps which will help to overcome the motion sickness.

·        Eating Light Food

Eating light food before traveling is far better than traveling without any food and traveling with eating heavy food. So, I recommend you just take light food like crackers before traveling. Traveling with an empty and hungry stomach is not best for you.

·        Have a Spoon of Honey

Honey is not only for the taste but also for health. The importance of honey is at the next level. Honey is not just funny but honey is the medicine and fighter for your sickness. So, take a spoon of honey (I mean you have to eat it) before traveling.

car nausea remedies

·        Take a Ginger Tea

Another best remedy for car sickness is taking ginger tea. Ginger tea is one of the best options to make yourself fresh and feel relax. So, drinking Ginger tea before traveling makes you happy by fighting with the car sickness which is going to attack you while traveling. Also, put one piece of Ginger in your pocket.

·        Massage your stomach area with Olive Oils

The home treatment for travel sickness that I used to do at that time is by putting the lime olive oils (Jaitun in Nepali) or normal mustard oil in my stomach area. Yes, it is true that these steps used to works finely on me. Before traveling (around 1 hour before) I use to put and rub/massage the stomach normally that results from me on to fight with the sickness.

·        Have an early sleep and wake up

If you are traveling tomorrow then go for bed early at night than another time. This is because it helps to sleep and make you relax for more hours than at other times. I strongly recommend you to go for bed early and wake up early the next morning.

Early and long sleep helps to reduce the feeling of sleepy while traveling. Theoretically, you may face that while you get sick then you get a sleepy feel at that time. So, to overcome it you have to take a long sleep. It is one o the Natural Remedy for Car Sickness.

·        Think Good

If you are planning to travel or you are going to travel in a car for any reason then you have to think positive and try to be happy without any reason.  I found that many people who are the patient of car sickness feel and makes ill themselves before traveling. So, try not to think that you are going to travel and going to be sick. Just think you are going to fulfill your time and remember for God or any loved one.

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2.    While Travelling

The treatment for travel sickness is not enough just by following Before traveling (Step 1). You should also follow these steps at the time of traveling for motion sickness in-car remedies.

·        Sit in the front seat and Open the Window.

Sitting on the front seat of the car is far more effective and better than sitting on the backside of the car. While sitting in the front of the car open the window and breathe with the fresh and cool air.

·        Use hand band to push up the Thumb.

Yes, you can use the band our your hand finger to push up on the thumb of your hand. You can do this in any hands either left or right. Doing this helps to fight against sickness.

treatment for travel sickness

·        Try to eat ginger every 10 minutes.

As we have already mentioned that drinking ginger tea is beneficial for you. It gives the refreshment to you. So, here also try to eat the pieces of ginger every 10 minutes in need of the best result.

·        Look forward outside and concentrate on it.

Sitting on the front seat is the best location in the car for you. So, look forward to the out of the car from the head side or forward side, try to make a point for the vehicles or electricity poles, trees, or any objects to make yourself that you are moving on the car. This process will help you to skip from sick thinking.

·        Chew the Bubble Gums and Method Based Chocolate like Happydent.

Chewing the bubble gums, and method based chocolate and gums like Happydent is one of the best options to make yourself busy and free from the sickness. So, don’t forget to take a pocket of Happydent and other favorite flavor gums.

Final Words

Here we have rolled out the treatment for travel sickness. By applying this best remedy for car sickness you may easily win over the sickness. So, we hope the topic, motion sickness in-car remedies is helpful for you