6 Points to Cure Motion Sickness That Works For You

Are you worried with the sickness that you feel while travelling? Yes, we have given 6 points to cure motion sickness and helps to relieve motion sick

best cure for motion sickness
steps to cure motion sickness effectively

The secret behind the secret is to cure motion sickness without any big treatment. Finding a lot of tutorials for the treatment for motion sickness may not works for you. Therefore, to provide the best treatment for motion sickness here we have built out the 6 major steps to relieve motion sickness.

Coming to the point we have to discuss it and every topic very carefully to get benefit from all the steps mentioned in this article. Before explaining the steps for the treatment for motion sickness I just want to ask you that, have you ever tried other methods from our blog or from steps from the other source?

Well, this post is the basic level post where we try to include all the major steps to cure the motion sickness. If you are not interested in this article then also I recommend you to read this once for the clearance.

6 Points to Cure Motion Sickness That Works For You

It is one of the biggest problems of every people that get ill at the time of travel. I personally faced all these problems before getting and following this helpful idea. So, to share all the ideas with you I am here. Before going for the 6 steps that I used to follow at the beginning days to kill/relieve motion sickness just take a short introduction of our enemy, Motion Sickness.

What is Motion Sickness

The sickness that we feel or get experience at the time of traveling in the moving vehicles. We can get automatically sick after a few minutes while traveling in the bus, car, van, or any 4 wheelers for any reason.

It is an act of getting ourselves in the physical and mental disorder that results to fall us on the sick mode while getting inside the moving bus or car. In the world, many people are the patient of this illness. Like cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, we can find this illness in many people of the world.

But, don’t worry it is not far more dangerous illness like Cancer and Diabetes. Motion sickness is the situational sickness that suffers us only at the time of traveling on the moving vehicles.

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Points to Relieve Motion Sickness

Kindly, all the steps mentioned here help for the treatment for motion sickness. If you are in search of the best cure for motion sickness, then it is one of the best points to be followed by you before and in the time of traveling.

1.     Taking the Light Food

The first point to be followed to cure motion sickness is taking light food. Not only me but all the people who know about the steps to overcome the sickness prefer to take a light and little food as compared to the normal what you take other times.

It is best to eat light wet foods like chocolates, momos, and crackers before traveling. Remember, for the sake of eating light food don’t eat any spicy food and oily foods. It is better to take the crackers, choco-bar, etc. before traveling. Be sure that you take something (eat something light food) before traveling.

To eat the heavy food before traveling and to travel without eating food both are bad for motion sickness patients. This is the simple and best cure for motion sickness.

2.     Feeling Good

To feel happy and good before and at the time of traveling is itself better for every traveler. So, try to feel good and happy yourself and try to think positive while traveling.

If you feel happy and good while traveling then it will definitely help to overcome the sickness that you are going to feel in the journey. Positive thinking is the key to success in life. So, you have to apply the same rules in your traveling.

Just think you are well now and is a great place that you love. Try to make yourself happy at any cost kills the misconception between the eye and your body while traveling. As we have already mentioned to you that motion sickness is the misconception or not the same result between the eyes and your body at traveling. So, try to forget all the points and just implement this single point.

3.     Avoid Sour Food Like Lemon and Other Products

If I said that, to cure motion sickness you have to sacrifice the sour and oily foods do you agree? Well, answer maybe not. So, comment down below what do you think. From my experience, I agree to be aware of the sour and oily foods before traveling or at the time of travel.

Yes, it is somehow true that to relive motion sickness taking the sour products like lemon juice or any products and pickles made from the lemon is good. In recent times to relive it I also used to eat the lemon and lemon-based sour products but I can’t get any result. I think it just helps me to control the over vomiting but not stop me from fell in sick.

That’s why personally I recommend you not to take the sour food and oily foods like chicken, mutton, or any such foods before and while traveling.

4.     Ginger as Travel Friend

The best treatment for motion sickness that I experience in my life is Ginger. In today’s date also I used to take a piece of ginger in my pocket to make my journey without any sickness. Taking the ginger into the pocket and eat it within a certain interval in traveling is one of the best cure for motion sickness.

Ginger is my real friend that helps me to fight against motion sickness. So, is strongly recommend you make a friendship with Ginger and carry it into your pocket.

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5.     Better to Sit in Front Seat

Another best cure for motion sickness is the place where you seat. To seat in the front seat of the vehicle either it is a bus or car is far better than sitting in the backside. Physiologically and Scientifically it is proven that sitting in the front of the vehicle relieves motion sickness (tries to reduce the chance of getting sick). So, go in front of the bus and sit near to the driver.

relieve motion sickness

6.     Kill the Sick Concept

The psychological steps proven and recommended by every medical expert is to kill the sick concept. Do you know one of the main reasons behind to happen anything in this world is sick thinking? Yes, the sick thinking makes yourself sick.

So, try to kill the concept that is being cooked inside your brain at the time of traveling or before traveling, i.e. ‘I am going to sick’ / ‘I am fearful that I am getting sick’ / ‘My heart left I don’t want to get sick’ etc.

Final Words

We have highlited the 6 points to cure motion sickness while traveling. By following these steps it is sure that you can overcome or relieve motion sickness. You can the details tutorial and explanation on every point for better knowledge best treatment for motion sickness.