Land Sickness Cure – Steps to Cure Feeling Seasick on Land

Do you need the treatment of land sickness? We have described the steps to be followed for land sickness cure. It helps to Cure Feeling Seasickness.
land sickness
easy steps to cure land sea sickness

Like motion sickness, we can feel the same kind of sickness while in the land too. The main difference in land sickness and motion sickness is that inland sickness, you can feel sick without traveling in the vehicles. So, in every aspect, we can’t find more differences in it. So, let’s move to our new topic of land sickness cure.

In previous days we have already discussed and informed the different articles related to the same topic like 6 Points to Cure Motion Sickness That Works For You, Home Medicine for Vomiting During Travel – Ginger Method, and home remedies for motion sickness. So, again we are back you to guide and helps in to cure the land sickness separately.

Land Sickness Cure – Steps to Cure Feeling Seasick on Land

Land sickness happens when you leave your boat or come out from the boat and you are on land. It is wired because when you get on the boat it feels normal to you but when you leave the boat it feels really wired to you.

So, here we are trying to kill you land sickness from the Motion Sickness Treatment method. Before finding out the proper steps to be followed for the prevention of feeling seasick on land you must know all about the land sickness.

What is Land Sickness

Land sickness is the sickness that may felt by some people at the time of traveling on the sea or leaving the land at the time of traveling on the ship. 

It is one of the very interesting and mysterious phenomena that was actually a very strong issue for many people when they move or travel on the boat. This is because they move on the boat not in the land at that time, and also they don’t habit of traveling on the sea before.

The phenomenon of land sickness is the fact that when you do that you’re going to feel absolutely fine on your boat but when you get off and place your first leg on the land then still the world feels like moving. You also feel the same situation that you feel at the time of traveling on the boat.

Feeling Seasick on Land, How to Cure It?

As we have already mentioned that it is the sickness that you feel when you leave out from the boat and take your feet in the land. Feeling seasick on land is also called land sickness but this sickness is quite different than seasickness.

Seasickness is being sick when or at the time of traveling on the sea and Land sickness is being sick when you left the sea and come on land.

For land, a sickness cure is suggested to you only the two steps. The two steps will be enough for you to kill feelings seasick on land forever.

1.    Do Kejal Exercise

In recent times I was also the motion sickness patient and use to fell sick when I travel in car, bus, train, boat, airplane, or any type of vehicle except motorbikes and two – three-wheelers. So, I was very suffered due to this sickness and do a lot of research on the different blog sites, websites, YouTube videos, etc. but I fail to find out the correct and the effective solution to kill feeling sick while traveling.

land sickness cure
Kejal exercise for treatment of motion sickness

After long research, I found a video on YouTube that helps me to kill my sickness forever. So, the name of the exercise shown on that video was Kejal Exercise. That’s why I strongly recommend to all the readers of this blog to follow the Kejal Exercise.

How To Perform Kejal Exercise to Cure Motion Sickness

  • Stand Up, do a hand side and bend your head from left to right and right to left 3 times. In upcoming days you can increase the number of times if you can.
  • Stand up, do a hand side and bend your head from front to back, up-down, three times.
  • Stand up, try to rotate your head from Clock-wise to Anti clock-wise direction for 3 times or as much you can.
  • Stand up, try to rotate from left to right and right to left in 360 Degree.

Caution: While doing this process you can feel the sickness, wired, and ill but the story starts from here. As you all know that, to cut down the diamond you need another diamond. So, to kill sickness you must be sick and fight with the sickness.

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2.    Positive Thinking and Sense

The study proved that positive thinking is 100 times powerful than negative thinking. That’s why you have to feel positive and kill the negative thinking at the time of travel.

I recommend you to remove all the tensions and fear that you are going to fill in your mind before traveling or at the time of traveling in vehicles or boats.

feeling seasick on land
try to get fresh air for relief

Make ‘All is Well’ as the Mantra of the journey and chant it by forgetting all the tensions and fear that you are cooking in your mind.

Final Words

Here we have mentioned the two steps to be followed for land sickness cure. By applying both steps in your sea journey you can kill land sickness easily. You can also go for the detailed steps on the Kejal Exercise from the link given here.