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Best Treatment for Seasickness Cruise Ship

Sea sickness treatment
Lady feeling sea sick
Are you willing to make your journey through the Ship? Well, I really agree with your decision. But one thing you also know that you are the patient of motion sickness. So, to make travel over the sea on the ship is not happy and easy than you think. On the ship also you need to face the same sickness, Motion sickness, or seasickness. That’s why here we are with the best treatment for seasickness cruise ship for only you.

Here let us make you clear that seasickness is one of the same kind of sickness that you feel while traveling on the bus, car, and train. The difference is only the means. We have found many people are being sick due to the reason of vehicles. Although vehicles are the Gift of science and technology so people think of it as the Curse.

The same concept applies to those people who get a negative impact or get sick on it. Well, to travel on the ship is funny and normal for normal people but to travel on the ship becomes the reason for a bad day in the life for some people. So, here is the best cure for seasickness with secret remedies for seasickness on a cruise.

Best Treatment for Seasickness Cruise Ship

For sea sick cure we have some unique and rare tips that may be benefited for you. yes, we can find some such remedies that help in getting rid of the sickness. Among the various point for sea sickness cure, we have Home remedies on the top list.

The remedies for seasickness on cruise are definitely a perfect solution for you all. For this, you need to be in your kitchen and make ready for the ingredients. Firstly, Make ginger tea for you before going on the travel on the ship. It means you need to add ginger to your regular tea to make it as Ginger tea. It is easy to go for sea sick cure with Ginger tea for you.

One thing you need to note that all the home remedies for seasickness are based on your home and need to follow before going on the travel.

After having the Ginger tea we have the next remedies i.e. Chewing Tulsi. Tulsi Plant is one of the medicinal herbs found in Indic-country like India and Nepal. Eating the Green leaves of the Tulsi plant works as the helping medicine for seasickness cure. The sea sickness cure is easy for you by applying these simple steps.

Remedies for Seasickness on a Cruise

After taking down the Ginger tea and Tulsi plant we have also other remedies for the best treatment for seasickness cruise ship. We are going to include not other than Peppermint. Have you heard about the peppermint plant? Peppermint is another herbs plant found in the Indian home garden.

Mixing the leaves of Peppermint on your tea and taking them is one of the perfect decision made by you for making yourself free from sickness. That’s the reason not to forget for mixing the Peppermint leaves on your tea.

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Wait wait!!! Here you can have another step also. After taking the Peppermint tea we also recommend you to have the leaves of Peppermint as like Tulsi. The good thing is that you can eat the leaves of Peppermint as a pickle by Grinding it and adding the things as like normal pickle.

Sea Sickness Cure with Honey

Do you know the main purpose of honey? The purpose of honey is not limited to eating with a sweet taste. The reality of honey is deeper than it’s a sweet taste. Honey is such a liquid that can’t flow. Also, Honey is treated as food for a healthy life.

If we go for Google and Bing then we have a lot of things to get from Honey. Anyway coming to the topic where we are discussing the best treatment for seasickness cruise ship. For that we have honey.

Taking the honey is one of the remedies for seasickness on a cruise. If you are a patient of seasickness or motion sickness and worried about the sickness? Don’t worry Honey is with you. So, before going on travel don’t miss taking a spoon of honey.

Remember: Taking the honey on an empty stomach may be harmful to you. Eating the honey without taking any foods cause you are drunk. That’s the suggestion to take some light foods, Ginger tea, Peppermint tea, Tulsi leaves, and then take Honey.

Best Cure for Seasickness with Hand Bands

Have you ever heard about anti-sickness bands or anti nausea bands before? If not then you must know about it. Anti-nausea bands are those hands bands usually made for motion sickness patients. The main reason to use such anti sickness bands is to make you free from sickness while traveling. We have found that such anti-sickness bands are playing positive roles in the treatment of sea sickness. So it is another step for the best treatment for seasickness cruise ship.

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You can find out such hand bands over the market or from online stores like Amazon at a cheaper rate. Such hand bands are tied around your pulse area (Hand area).

best treatment for seasickness cruise ship
Sea sickness cure

if you are not able to afford such bands or not have a facility to get such sickness bands then you don’t need to worry. Here we have our hand for this. So, the thing you need to do is that use your one hand’s finger to press out the pulse of another side hand as shown in the picture.

Remember; Here you need to give out the pressure on your pulse by pressing it gently. For the over result don’t be a fool and press the pulse area hardly which may lead to a negative effect on you.

Overcome Sea Sickness With Chewing Gum

Maybe the topic is interesting but it’s the fact that I gain when I also used to be sick while traveling. After a great and deep research, I have collected that the minimization of seasickness/travel sickness is possible with Chewing Gum.

For best treatment for seasickness cruise ship or to minimize it I strongly recommend you keep on chewing the gums while making the journey. Chewing the gums (Recommend: Menthol based chewing Gum like Happy Dent) truly helps in relieving you from the sickness.

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