About Us


About Us

Motion sickness treatment is a blog for motion sickness cure like home remedies for motion sickness, natural remedies for motion sickness.

Nowadays we can find the maximum use of Vehicles and means of transportation for travelling from one place to another place. Although there are different reason for making travel we can find many people get sick or prone to the headache, nausea, dizziness and vomiting just while travelling. 

Maybe there are different reason for motion sickness or travel sickness on people we are deprived of the correct idea for its treatment. So, with an aim of providing almost all the tips, tricks and hacks related to the motion sickness treatment for the visitors like you.

My Name is Basanta and all the process and tips mentioned related to the travel sickness treatment are based on my personal experience. In recent time, I also used to the patient of motion sickness. In fact, I was totally addicted to travel sickness. I used to get sick immediately after travelling on the vehicles (Mainly car, bus, etc.). 

That's why I am here with motionsicktreat blog for providing valuable information and some unique treatment steps regarding the treatment of motion sickness.

If you have any query regarding Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at nepalibros42@gmail.com